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Michael Gois, MD of Anfold Software.

Michael Gois

Managing Director, Anfold Software

Thank you for all your help getting us here. 18 months ago I had no direction and no idea how to do ISO 27001. Thanks to our sessions we have worked our way through a lot of complexities and unravelled ISO 27001 and I feel I now understand the vast majority of it. Your knowledge of how software businesses work and your experience in the field has been invaluable. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you and we look forward to more work to keep up our certification and generally keep our systems secure.

Richard Abbots

CEO, Inventory Hive

Working with ADL was fantastic, I just wish we'd found them before we ever started ISO 27001! Whilst we've had ISO 27001 for coming up on 3 years, I feel like we finally now understand what we're supposed to be doing and why. ADL have explained everything so clearly, brought the system to life for us and integrated it fully into our normal business operations

Annie Pemberton

Operations Manager, Living Rock Trust

ADL's training was fantastic and gave a helpful insight to cyber security and challenged the audience both personally and commercially. I would highly recommend this necessary training. Andy (ADL) is really east to listen to, personable and explains things really well!

Daniel Rogers

Managing Director, SomeBrightSpark

Working with Andy has made two seemingly impossible things possible. Firstly, he has guided a rapidly growing creative business successfully through the ISO27001 accreditation process at a time when we were experiencing great disruption to our industry and the way we conducted 'business as unusual'. Secondly, he did it whilst making the very dry topics of data process and data security understandable, relatable, and dare we say it, enjoyable!

Leanne Mennie

Operations & HR Director, Preact

From the first call we had with Andy we knew that he was going to be instrumental to the ISO certification process. We had previously spoken to a couple of other ISO consultants but the clarity with which Andy managed to explain the process really appealed to us as did his personable nature. Andy guided and mentored us through the entire engagement, going over and above to ensure that we not only understood what we were doing at every step of the way but most importantly WHY we were doing it. We realised benefits across the business and lost count of the improvements we have made to our business based on Andy’s suggestions. By simply asking why we do something, he was able to encourage the critical thinking required to challenge the status quo and drive massive improvements to our processes and systems! We have continued our engagement even though we successfully achieved the standard and always look forward to our sessions with Andy and discussing all things information security (who knew ISO27001 could be so enjoyable!). Andy’s approach is enjoyable, easy to follow and really suits our business and our team. He has such respect for the time that we give and manages to get the best out of us which is no mean feat!

Jackie Moore

Operations Manager, Brand Ignite

Finding ADL to help us with our quest for ISO 27001 accreditation was a godsend. Andy was easy to work with, had the knack of making the 'very technical' understandable and handled it all in good humour. We’d highly recommend him.

Photo of Stephen Shackell.

Stephen Shackell

Head of Intelligence, Zinc Systems

Gaining ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditation was critically important to us as a technology software company working with the security industry. We engaged ADL Consulting in March 2021 to gauge our implementation plan. Andy came on board as an integral members of the team, to guide us through the process and drive the introduction of essential tools and processes. We were so pleased to achieve both ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditations in August 2021. Andy has remained close to us as a strategic consultant on improving our ISMS further and is seen as integral to its continued success.

Photo of Mark Sasche.

Mark Sasche

Operations Director, claireLOGIC

As the engagement and relationship progressed, each stage built smoothly on its predecessor to achieve a managed transition and development, towards the desired outcome. claireLOGIC built a much clearer picture of their key assets, supply chain security posture and the threat landscape as it relates to both us and our client base. With ADL’s expert support and guidance, the Stage 1 audit, was a success, followed by the Stage 2 audit which identified 1 minor observation, with certification achieved within 9 months.

Dan Sherrin

IT Director, MRM

ADL’s approach has been consultative. They took time at the start to understanding our business’ needs, our culture and our current information security position, then set about finding how we could meet the ISO 27001 requirements in a most pragmatic, time-efficient and cost-effective manner. During this time, ADL has been a huge help in leading our implementation team; helping us to understand the requirements of the standard and providing useful examples of how to fulfil them. He has a rare skill of being able to explain things to both technical and non-technical people to match the understanding of those who he's speaking with. As a company already holding two ISO standards (9001 and 14001), ADL has integrated a large number of information security policies into our existing Management System by redeveloping existing policies and introducing some new ones, which fit our business needs and the standard's requirements.

Sarah Trivedi

Director of Corporate Services, CFE Research

CFE achieved ISO 27001 in July 2018. As the Project Manager, Andy was an invaluable resource to me in both the planning and delivery of the requirements of this tough standard. His ability to interpret technical implementation issues to langauge that "normal people" understand is a massive help, and he delivers with a confidence inspiring calmness and humour. He undertook our risk assessment, developed and reworked a large number of our information security related policies, and crafted our Information Security Management System to fit us perfectly. The result - an easy to maintain, efficient and helpful system that has helped us understand, reduce and manage our information security-related risk and meet the ISO 27001 requirements. We have since passed our first surveillance audit with no issues.

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