Demarq achieves ISO 27001:2022

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May 18th, 2023


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Huge congratulations to Demarq on their recommendation for certification to ISO 27001:2022.

With certification bodies having only recently been accredited by UKAS for the new version of the Standard (within the last week), Demarq will be amongst the first few businesses in the UK to be certified to ISO 27001:2022.

The journey

Demarq started their ISO journey about a year ago. Flexing around some incredibly busy periods for the business, we were in a position to progress for audit towards the end of 2022.

However, running into another crazy busy time, we took the decision to postpone the audit until 2023.

With the then recent release of the new version of the Standard (October 2022), we took the decision to do the transition work to prepare the business for the 2022 version.

The experience

Demarq are a technology business. From the start of the project, the business already had a large amount of good practice in place. Further, other compliance requirements imposed by some enterprise clients had been achieved already.

As a result, implementation didn't require much by way of technical changes.

The primary effort was around build the management system, specifically processes, that provide evidence of compliance.

Auditing ISO 27001 requires evidence of controls, not just lip-service. Delivering evidence supports the business in it's own internal assurance that the controls are both in place and operational.

The outcome

The expected result for Demarq was awarded today - a recommendation for certification.

Well done to Demarq for all of their diligence and hard work in reaching this achievement.

Andy Larkum

Managing Director

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