ISO 27001 internal audit

Outsource your internal audit function to our qualified assessors.

Dan Rogers

MD SomeBrightSpark, Leicester

ADL guided our rapidly growing creative business successfully through the ISO27001 accreditation process at a time when we were experiencing great disruption to our industry. Remarkably, they did it whilst making the very dry topics of data processing and data security understandable, relatable and, dare we say it, enjoyable!

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Leanne Mennie

Operations & HR Director, Preact

ADL guided and mentored us through the entire engagement, going over and above to ensure that we not only understood what we were doing at every step and, most importantly WHY we were doing it. Their approach is enjoyable, easy to follow and really suited our business and our team. They had such respect for our time and managed to get the best out of us.

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Auditing - it's not everybody's cup of tea

Ok let's just be very real here - auditors are, well, different.

If you're not an auditor, you will take absolutely no pleasure from having to conduct your internal audits. Unfortunately there's no getting around it - you HAVE to conduct internal audits to satisfy ISO 27001.

Not forgetting Clause 7.2 - Competence

The Standard also says that you must

ensure that these persons are competent...

When it comes to internal auditing, you will need to be able to demonstrate that whoever is conducting your internal audits is competent to do so:

...on the basis of appropriate education, training, or experience.

Don't panic, you can outsource it!

Happily, whilst named "Internal Audit", you are not obliged to deliver the audit internally - which means that you can outsource the audit to competent 3rd parties.

So let us help!

We actually love the process, and our love and enthusiasm is infectious.


We'll help design and plan your internal audit schedule to satisfy Clause 9.2, A.12.7.1, A.18.2.2.

Removing the hassle of audit planning

Planning your internal audits also sits under the requirements of 27001 (Clause 9.2, A.12.7.1, A.18.2.2). Depending on the size and shape of your organisation, planning your internal audits ranges from a bit of an inconvenience to a major headache!

We can take the hassle off you, fulfilling the internal audit planning on your behalf so all you have to do is:

  • coordinate internal calendar bookings; and

  • show up!


We'll deliver your internal audits, providing detailed report/s to support your ISMS' continual improvement.

Delivering your ISO 27001 internal audit

This bit is a little weird...

We enjoy internal audits - and so do our clients! In case you don't believe us, see this post on LinkedIn, or review our testimonials!

We'll deliver your internal audits for you, providing helpful insightful feedback as we go (thanks to our experience and exposure to a huge range of business types, sizes and variety of ISMS implementations), along with a comprehensive audit report.

We'll also be robust - if there's something there to be found, we'll probably find it! That means you can fix the weakness before it becomes a problem (and before the external audit).

A word about Management Review

We can also help support you with your ISMS' Management Review. Also a requirement of ISO 27001, a good Management Review can ensure helpful, useful Management Intelligence, driving senior level engagement and adding significant value to the ISMS for the business.

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