Anfold Software certified to ISO 27001:2022

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December 13th, 2023


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Another happy client

A huge congratulations to Anfold Software on their recommendation for certification to ISO 27001:2022!

Anfold have worked tirelessly to build and integrate their ISMS seamlessly into the company's day to day processes. 

Anfold Software and Timesheet Portal

UK/London based Anfold Software is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business. They provide online back-office and HR technology for a worldwide client base, offering two distinct products:

  • Project - focused on general processes for timekeeping and human resource management in project-based and non-project based environments

  • Recruitment - catering specifically for the needs of recruitment agencies

Their software can be heavily customised, allowing it to cater for many different needs. It can also be easily integrated with a variety of 3rd party systems/solutions, eliminating the need for any manual entry in your time/expense keeping and billing processes.

Where they started

Anfold began implementing their ISMS just over a year ago. As a mature software business, they already had lots of great practices integrated into their daily routine giving them a great head-start on the process. 

Further, their achieving Cyber Essentials had already enforced several practical controls and processes.

The journey

Whilst there was plenty of good practice already in place, as with a lot of implementations, connecting the good practice to the ISO requirements and controls was where a lot of the magic happened.

Many organisations look at the ISO controls and try to work out how to apply them. The trick, often, is to look at what the organisation is already doing, and work out whether it meets the requirements of the control/s and if not, what needs to change/be tweaked to match.

In Anfold's case, the implementation of the ISMS didn't require many major technical changes, but rather tweaks and adjustments to existing controls/processes.

The main focus of the project therefore was building a practical management system that was straightforward to maintain, easy to navigate and that fit with the company’s business needs.

Furthermore, as an ISO 27001 audit investigates evidence of controls, we had to make sure that we identified areas where the businesses was already generating/collecting evidence of compliance so as not to create additional unnecessary work.

Evidence of controls also confirms to the business that all controls are in place and working the way they should, allowing business owners to sleep peacefully at night!

The outcome

As fully expected, Anfold Software was recommended for certification to ISO 27001:2022 at the beginning of December 2022 with just one Opportunity for Improvement.

Congratulations to Anfold Software again for all of their hard work and commitment in reaching this achievement.

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